Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time

Who we are..

Our Lacy Pretties journey began in a small dreamy town called Viljandi. The story started when Laura Erm noticed that just dreaming won't help open new doors and it's time to take matters into her own hands. By time, Laura had realised the importance and power of pretty lingerie and how it made her feel.

It all began with little sketches and an idea to design something wonderful. Step by step, the ideas started becoming a reality. Lacy Pretties wants to build a fantasy world for females which embraces beauty and comfort to create the finest quality lingerie, made step by step for everyone's body type.

Every piece is crafted with heart and sewn by Laura and her little team. It encourages women to feel special and sexy in their own skin. Our purpose is to find a classy way to romanticise what we are wearing underneath and feel the power of being a woman.

The Blossom

The scent of spring wafts in the air,
With perfumed blossom everywhere,
As petals settle in her hair,
With nature’s flair.

With graceful femininity,
She dreams her thoughts of harmony,
In peaceful serendipity,
So young and free.


Here's a quick snippet of our products coming together one stitch at a time