Well, our shoot day was not the warmest day, actually it was quite windy but as it was already June and we were already a little late with our launch we really needed the photos. For Sky and Sand, we wanted to capture the essence of carefree summer days and the joy of making precious memories with your dearest friends.

First and foremost, let me introduce you to our wonderful group of models: Isabel, Laura, Katariina, and Maria. I met Laura in my travels to Bali and when I asked her to model for Lacy, she was happy to. I also asked her that maybe she have some friends who would like to join and I was very pleasantly surprised that Laura found three girls for our shoot. Also it's so cool when we have friends in front of the camera, as the chemistry between the models is very natural and also they get to experience this together and hopefully have a great memory out of it. Also Laura and Isabel are twin sisters, and it was delightful to see their natural chemistry shine through the lens. 

The inspiration for the Sky and Sand collection stemmed from the coastal hues of vibrant orange and tranquil blue. We wanted to encapsulate the feeling of sunny beach days, warm sand between your toes, and the gentle breeze caressing your skin.

Our incredible photographer, Martin, worked his magic, capturing moments that seemed straight out of a high-fashion magazine.

The weather was mostly on our side, with sunshine shining on the beach. However, the wind had its agenda, making some of our models wrap themselves up in blankets between takes. Also our beach umbrella had some hard time and eventually it was flying around the beach and I was chasing it..  

And, oh, we had our fair share of mishaps too! In the midst of all the excitement, we managed to break a sun shade, accidentally break our glass carafe (oops!), and even misplaced my wallet during the cleanup that ended up thrown away. I suppose these little adventures are all part of the creative process, reminding us to embrace the unexpected.

Despite the minor hiccups, I believe the end result was absolutely great!

The Sky and Sand collection represents the joy and laughter that summer brings. It's about celebrating the good times, creating unforgettable memories, and embracing the beauty of life.

Until next time,

June 29, 2023
Tags: Photoshoot