After a long wait for the first sunny summer days, we got lucky with the weather and the timing of the photoshoot. To be completely honest, I was quite busy the previous days and I did not have any certain ideas of how and where exactly will we shoot, so I just asked Martin and Grete to come and meet me at my mum’s place. 

Turns out we did all the photos right there, in the garden, and it proved that you don’t need an epic location to get beautiful photos, especially when you have such a talented photographer and model. It was a pleasure to work with Grete- she radiates positivity and authenticity and this is what I try to capture with Lacy too. 

I absolutely love the outcome, our photographer Martin delivers every single time and the final result is dreamy and feels very Lacy-like. Oh and I have to mention, as we were doing all the photos in the garden, we also had another cute participant who found the ongoing photoshoot very exciting- my dog Albert. So me and Sander were quite busy keeping Albert away from the scene, because he really likes attention (and belly rubs). 

June 11, 2022
Tags: Photoshoot